Trends for 2022: Garage Door Styles

Trends for 2022: Garage Door Styles 

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ just got a whole lot more interesting! At Mr. Spring, we’ve helped homeowners throughout the Twin Cities install, repair, and replace high-quality garage doors.

With many years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen garage door designs go from traditional raised panels to modern side-hinged doors and glass paneling. We’ve also seen our fair share of older styles come back into the spotlight, such as farmhouse-style doors, Victorian-style doors, and so on.

It’s safe to say garage styles come and go—and often come back again! But with smart home technologies continuing to change the way we live, work, and play, we’re seeing even more exciting garage door designs that offer more sophistication, style, and functionality. 

Garage Door Trends in 2022

If you’re looking to replace your outdated garage door with a fresh design, check out these three emerging trends in garage door styles.

Glass Paneling

This type of design started getting attention a few years back , but we’re seeing a rise in popularity among glass paneling garage doors. This style helps create a clean, modern feel to your home. It also offers more versatility for utilizing other materials, like wood or metal, to help frame the panels or create unique tiling.

Home security might be a top reason why you’ve never considered installing glass panels to your garage door—or even windows for that matter. Thanks to new advances in technology, however, the majority of these panels use frosted or mirrored finishes to ensure passerbyers don’t see what’s inside your garage—but you can still see outside. 

Smart Garage Door Openers

Okay, this one isn’t so much “style” as it is a feature. But more and more customers are asking about adding smart technology capabilities to their garage doors. 

Ever wonder if you left the garage door open, or maybe you forgot to lock it before a trip? Brands like MyQ offer affordable smart products to make it even easier to activate and monitor garage door activity right from your smartphone or tablet. 

This is especially convenient if you’re expecting deliveries to your door while you’re out. Rather than having boxes left outside on your patio, you can set your garage door to open for delivery personnel to drop them off and close it when they leave. 

Other brands like Genie make it easy to create virtual keys on the go to allow others to enter and exit your garage—all while under your supervision and control.

There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing the right smart garage door technology, but there’s no doubt that adding more convenience and security to your opener will save you time and peace of mind!

We definitely think this trend is here to stay!

Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Though carriage-style garage doors have been around for a while, they continue to gain popularity—but not just for the outside of the home but the inside, too. In fact, many homes and even commercial buildings like hotels, across the Twin Cities, are adopting this aesthetic for bathroom doors and room dividers. 

If this sounds like you, and you’re looking to complement the exterior of your home with its interior space, you might decide to invest in carriage-style garage doors. These types of designs typically feature handles in the center of the doors to give the illusion that you could swing them open. 

But don’t worry. These doors open in the traditional sense that garage doors do (i.e., overhead), and they are easy to operate. The best part is you can customize your doors with accent windows, as well as change its colors and textures to suit your preferences.

Want More Garage Door Design Ideas?

Looking for more garage door designs that can add privacy, functionally, and security to your home? At Mr. Spring, we’ll work with you to design and plan a custom garage door design that complements your property and personal style.

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