Getting New Garage Doors: 101

Need a New Garage Door?

Winter may be here, but most of us are already planning our spring “to-do” lists. If installing a new garage door has been on your mind since last season, you might be finally ready to start the planning process—or maybe your garage door is telling you it’s time to bite the bullet!

Updating your home with a quality garage door will not only improve its market value, but it will enhance your home’s security from outdoor elements and unwanted guests. 

Let’s also not forget that garage doors play a big part in your home insulation, so if you’re noticing cold air is seeping under (or around) the weather-stripping seal of your garage door, it’s safe to say your old door is costing you money in energy, too!

What You Need to Know About New Garage Doors

If you’re in the process of building your dream home, or maybe you’ve inherited an older garage door that needs replacing, you might be wondering what considerations to make before diving into this project. 

Who you plan to hire and how much the instatillon will cost are important factors, but there’s also the task of choosing the right materials, style, and other design cosmetics of the final product—all of which will influence price, too.

New Garage Door 101

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about planning for your garage door installation.


Materials Matter:

In the United States, garage door materials are made from either wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. Depending on the aesthetics of your home, you can choose to keep the material consistent with the style of your property or try something more modern.

Our recommendation is to evaluate how each material will perform in your region, as well as the costs of each material—both initially and long term.

Fiberglass, for instance, tends to perform better in warmer climates, requires less maintenance, and costs significantly less than wood. However, it’s not recommended for areas that experience high winds. Steel is a more economical option that requires less maintenance, but it is more susceptible to rust, especially if you don’t repair dents or general wear and tear.

The best advice? Talk to a professional garage door installation company near you <include ‘contact us’ link here> to choose the best materials that will fit your lifestyle, climate zone, and budget! 


Insulation Upgrades:

Consider the long-term value (and energy savings) of insulated garage doors. These options provide your door with an extra layer of material to keep cold air out and warm air in. For those of us living in Minnesota, this is highly recommended! 


Design It Right:

This is where the process starts to get fun. From classic raised-panel doors to carriage-style house doors, swing outs, and even bifolds, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting the design and style of your garage door.

This is also where cosmetics will come into play. For instance, if you’ve always enjoyed the look of Spanish-Colonial style garage doors, you may decide to add iron strap hinges and handles that evoke this cultural sentiment. You can also choose to add lightening, windows, decorative latches and hinges, or change the color of the doors to complete your dream design.

How Much Is a New Garage Door?

As you can tell from the list of considerations above, there are a lot of moving parts and components for installing a new garage door. The material, style, and cosmetics you choose will affect the final price tag—as well as its long-term maintenance costs.

Wood, for example, is among the most expensive materials to use for building a garage door (both in terms of initial installation and maintenance requirements), but they also allow the most customization in terms of styles and decorative add-ons. 

The best advice? Evaluate your goals for the garage door, how much time you have for regular maintenance, and how much capital you’re willing to put down.

Then contact an expert to find out your options!

Find Garage Door Installers Near You

Need help deciding which garage door is right for your home? At Mr. Springs, our team can help! We’ll work with you to understand your goals with a free consultation. From there, we’ll design a custom package that fits your needs and budget.

You can always expect the highest quality products and installation when you hire our team. And because we also offer garage door repair services, you can count on us to extend your garage door’s durability and longevity.

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