Annual Checklist for Garage Door Maintenance

The beginning of a new year is all about fresh beginnings and new starts. As we flip the calendar for another year, it is the perfect time to plan out your annual maintenance plans. While you’re thinking about the elements in your house, don’t forget about the importance of garage door maintenance

Why is Garage Door Maintenance Important?

Garage door maintenance keeps this part of your home in good condition so that you avoid interruptive problems down the road. After all, no one wants to deal with a garage door that won’t close properly, or worse crashes down on your vehicle! At Mr. Spring, we are here to handle all of your garage needs. 


Clean Your Garage Door

Taking a couple of times a year to clean your garage door systems helps eliminate problem-causing debris. Grab a mild detergent and a rag or a soft-bristle brush. Wipe down your garage door in a circular motion and once you’re done, use a garden hose on a low setting to rinse the door clean. Remember, you don’t want to scratch any of the finish so be gentle while you’re cleaning. 


Do an Initial Garage Inspection

Every six months or so, check your garage and garage door systems to spot any potential issues. As you’re inspecting your garage, make sure you:

  • Watch for peeling, cracking, or dents. These are all issues that can cause more problems down the road (including mold growth!)
  • Listen for unusual sounds coming from your garage door. Loud or unusually squeaky sounds mean it’s time to call a professional.
  • Test and, if necessary, replace the batteries in your garage opener. Remember to keep a supply of batteries onhand so you’re not left stranded.


  • Feel for any imbalances in your garage door. The best way to check this is to disconnect your door from the opener (look for a red release cord). Manually raise the door 3-4 feet in the air before releasing it. A balanced door will stay in place. Even if it slowly moves upwards or floats down, your door is relatively balanced. However, if your garage door forcefully slams up or down, call a professional garage maintenance team right away. Your garage door needs to be repaired immediately to avoid a major issue.

Schedule a Garage Door Tune-Up

As we head into a cold, Minnesota winter, schedule a garage door tune-up. Our team will come to inspect your garage and promptly handle any issues we come across. It’s especially important to make sure your garage is properly sealed, especially if we’re about to deal with snowy weather. 


Keep an Eye Out for Drafts. 

New seals for garage doors keep your space insulated, protecting it against the elements as well as critters. Not sure how to properly insulate your garage? We can handle it for you! 

Mr. Spring Keeps Your Garage Door Working Properly 

Our professional team keeps your garage door working so you avoid dealing with a major garage issue that holds up your day or impacts your vehicle! If you haven’t paid attention to your garage door lately, it’s time. 


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