8 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Picture it: you’re going about your day, minding your own business. You head out to work and find your garage door is stuck. You’re unable to get your vehicle out. Suddenly, you’re late for work and you are officially panicked. 

By paying attention to our list of garage door tell-tale signs, you stay ahead of the curve. Remember, you want to take care of your garage door replacement before it causes major issues. 

Top 8 Signs That You’re Ready for a Garage Door Replacement 

  • Your Garage Keeps Breaking Down. While garage door malfunctions happen, at a certain point enough is enough. If you keep finding yourself on the phone with a garage door servicing company, it’s most likely time for a replacement.
    1. Your Garage Door Has Broken Parts. Broken hinges and wires spell trouble if they’re not handled properly. Because the average single-car garage door weighs 125 pounds, you want to make sure they are properly secured. Our team will come out to determine whether a garage door replacement is in order.
    2. Your Garage Mechanisms are Loud. If your garage door makes loud sounds when you open and close it, there’s likely an underlying issue. Sounds to keep an ear out for include grinding, squeaking, and creaking.
    3. Your Garage Door Model is Outdated. Have you been in your home a long time or purchased an older house? You might not even know how far garage doors have come! Newer models are more energy efficient and offer more security. And with so many styles to choose from, you can create a whole new look in one simple replacement.
  • Your Garage Door Lacks Curb Appeal. Do you find that as you pull into your driveway you are distracted by the unsightliness of your old garage door? Oftentimes, garage doors are a focal part of our home’s exterior. Replacing them can do wonders for your home’s look.
  • Your Garage Door Isn’t Energy Efficient. Garages – especially older models – tend to lose a lot of heat. An insulated garage door and proper garage door weather stripping replacement can lower your energy bill while making your home more comfortable.
  • Your Garage Door Isn’t Secure. Garages often store valuables including vehicles, lawn equipment, sporting gear, holiday decorations, etc. If your garage door isn’t secure, you run the risk of a break-in. Newer models easily partner with smart features that keep your garage fortified.
  • You Notice Your Garage Door Is Significantly Dented. Dents and dings on your garage door are normal, but too many can lead to larger issues if they’re not addressed properly. Furthermore, they detract from your home’s look, which can decrease your property value.

Garage Door Replacement Service By Mr. Spring

By hiring a trusted garage door company to install your garage door replacement, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of. From garage door weather stripping replacement to a complete overhaul, the professional team at Mr. Spring is ready to handle your needs. Enjoy top-notch services while you check another chore off of your list. 

Questions? Concerns? Contact us. The team at Mr. Spring would be happy to help you out!